The Measles Vaccine: Why it’s Still Important

Measles seems like a disease of the past but in the last seven years, there has been an average of 226 cases per year. Even though the CDC declared measles to be eliminated from the U.S. in 2000, sporadic cases still appear because infected people bring it to the United States and infect unvaccinated citizens. Continue reading “The Measles Vaccine: Why it’s Still Important” »

Poor Kansans Get $20M in Free Meds

10 years ago, a staff pharmacist at OptumRx in Overland Park was tired of destroying shipments of perfectly good medications. The drugs service received shipments of unused medicine from nursing homes, hospitals, and pharmacies that sent back scuffed or dented packages. There had to be a way to put these unused medications to good use. Continue reading “Poor Kansans Get $20M in Free Meds” »

Fighting Cancer With the Common Cold

Many of us out there are currently undergoing, have undergone or had a loved one undergo treatment for cancer. We dream about a miracle treatment that will come along and wipe cancer out for good. Well, there may be hope in that department right now. Continue reading “Fighting Cancer With the Common Cold” »

KCMO Health Dept. Ridding Homes of Lead Paint

Over half of the homes in Kansas City, Missouri were built before 1978, which means there’s a higher chance they were painted with lead-based paint. This March, the KCMO Health Department is offering free services to rid homes of dangerous lead paint. They are offering free home repair by certified, licensed contractors, mainly painting and window replacement. Homeowners won’t pay a thing, and if you rent the property owner will pay 25 percent of the repair costs. Continue reading “KCMO Health Dept. Ridding Homes of Lead Paint” »