What You Need to Know About Hepatitis

July 28th has been declared World Hepatitis Day to draw global attention to hepatitis issues. As this date is quickly approaching, Test Smartly Labs thought it was an excellent time to share some of the basic facts about this disease. We invite you to join us in examining the truth about hepatitis so you’ll be armed with the facts to live your healthiest life.

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6 Ultraviolet Light Myths Debunked

July is National UV Safety Month, and we’re looking at the most common myths about tanning and skin cancer. Melanoma is the most common type of skin cancer. In the last decade, melanoma cases have increased by 53%. Test Smartly Labs hopes to decrease that number by setting the record straight on popular UV misconceptions.  Continue reading “6 Ultraviolet Light Myths Debunked” »

Do You Need an STD Test?

STDs are a topic that no one really likes to discuss. While STDs can run rampant among teenagers who haven’t had proper education about sexual health, they’re also very common among adults.  As a walk-in lab that offers comprehensive STD panels, Test Smartly Labs is often consulted by people who are trying to gauge their risk. So if you are trying to figure out if you’re “safe” or if you should get tested, here are some tips for you: Continue reading “Do You Need an STD Test?” »

Are You Concerned That You Bruise Too Easily?

Bruises don’t work the same as scars. Scars are permanent marks, often with an interesting backstory. Whether your scars came from a medical procedure or bad decision, there’s something about a scar that is vaguely cool – even if it did come from punching through a wall. However, when it comes to a bruises don’t have the same exciting meaning. For some reason, bruises cause more anxiety without being nearly as awesome as scars. Continue reading “Are You Concerned That You Bruise Too Easily?” »

Why Self-Directed Health Testing?

Many people will admit that regular wellness checks aren’t much of a priority in their lives. The busyness of daily life plus the high cost of healthcare has kept people from monitoring their health. Test Smartly Labs has a solution. We encourage you to pursue self-directed health testing at one of our Kansas City area facilities. Here are some reasons why pursuing clinical testing without a prescription is good for your wellness.

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How Your Business Can Benefit From On-Site Biometric Screening

Biometric screening is a great tool for corporate wellness programs. It helps companies narrow the focus of their program, and keeps employees informed about their health. Biometric screening can keep track of several health indicators like blood pressure, body composition, cholesterol, and blood glucose levels. When your employees know their numbers, they are more likely to implement new habits or even develop treatment plans with their physicians to prevent the development of serious medical problems. Test Smartly Labs provides biometric screening in our facilities, but there are arguments to be made for having these tests done at the office, too.

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Get Smart About Improving Your Cholesterol

High cholesterol can increase your risk of developing heart disease and heart attacks later in life. It’s important to monitor your cholesterol levels and follow your doctor’s guidance to make sure you keep yourself healthy. There are many lifestyle changes you can make to help improve your cholesterol in addition to taking medications. Here are some recommendations Test Smartly Labs has for improving your cholesterol:

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Educate Yourself with These 5 Facts About Food Allergies

Do you have a food allergy? If you don’t, there’s a strong chance that someone close to you does suffer from some type of food allergy. Whether it’s your child, a friend, or another family member, food allergies can be very serious. Emergency rooms see over 200,000 food allergy-related visits each year. If someone you know is living with a food allergy, it’s imperative that you have a basic understanding of how food allergies can disrupt someone’s life. Continue reading “Educate Yourself with These 5 Facts About Food Allergies” »

Ladies of Kansas City: Prevent Heart Disease

We’ll be quick. We know how precious your time is to you.

Did you know that 1 in 4 women in the U.S. has heart disease? The older you get, the more prone you can be to heart disease.

Health professionals are trying to spread the word. “Go Red” dresses. The benefits for heart disease plastered across social media and the news. “Heart-healthy” lunches.

Do we have your attention?
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