Allergies: Front and Center

From the sudden and tragic death of a young girl at summer camp due to a peanut allergy to a bill passed by the House, we’ve seen allergy related issues all over the headlines.

Allergies aren’t typically a hot topic. Lately, however, we’ve read much about allergies. One story reminds us that an allergy can be deadly.

peanut allergy

Another points out the necessity of having allergy medication available in schools, where children spend a majority of the day.

Allergies: Potentially Life Threatening

On July 26, a young girl passed away from anaphylaxis as a result of taking one bite of a dessert with peanut butter. This news is alarming, especially because she was given three epinephrine injections. Epinephrine typically prevents serious allergic reactions from turning deadly.

A fatality from an allergic reaction is unlikely when epinephrine has been administered. That’s why the bill recently passed by The House is encouraging.

Allergy Medication In Schools

The bill would give grant preferences to states that commit to making epinephrine available in schools. The bill would also address the need for proper administration of the drug and the legal coverage that must be in place for school administrators to administer the drug.

This is a step in the right direction. According to Rep. Phil Roe, a Tennessee Republican who sponsored the bill, 1 out of every 13 children under the age of 18 suffer from food allergies. Anaphylactic shock can be caused by an allergic reaction to milk, eggs, peanuts, wheat and shellfish, among other causes. Making epinephrine available in schools is a life-saving move.

Allergies: Be Aware

People of all ages can have an allergic reaction without even knowing that they have an allergy. About one fourth of anaphylaxis cases in schools occur with children who are not aware of their allergy.

Allergies are serious. If you don’t know what allergies you have, you won’t have the right medication available if you need it. Allergy testing at Test Smartly Labs is accurate and reliable.

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