4 Signs of Common Vitamin Deficiencies

Most Americans are fortunate to have access to an abundance of food.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that people are getting an appropriate amount of nutrients. When someone doesn’t get enough vitamins, this means that their body cannot function at optimal levels.

Even worse, they may be more susceptible to a number of debilitating medical conditions.

Here are some common signs that you aren’t getting sufficient vitamins in your diet.

4 Signs You May Have a Vitamin Deficiency

Lack of Vitamins Can Mean Constant Fatigue

If you feel tired all the time and notice that your skin is pale and your hair is thin, you may not be getting enough iron.

Increasing the iron you ingest is relatively easy. Focus your efforts on white beans, kidney beans, spinach, beef and iron-fortified cereals.

Muscle Cramps and Poor Appetite

When your appetite flags, your muscles cramp and you experience strange heart rhythms, you may be suffering from a calcium deficiency.

This is one of those vitamins that you must ensure to get plenty of as it can protect you against developing osteoporosis. Choose three servings of dairy per day plus dark, leafy greens to boost your intake.

Weight Loss and Constipation

A lack of potassium in your diet can cause you to become constipated and lose weight. You may also experience muscle weakness.

This is one of the most important vitamins, so make certain to include a wealth of bananas, vegetables and legumes in your diet.

Hair Loss and Face Rash

If you aren’t getting enough vitamin B7, which is sometimes called biotin, then your face and hair will exhibit signs of distress.

These vitamins help your body process fats and carbohydrates, and they are essential to many of the tasks your body needs to complete every day. Choose eggs, salmon, nuts and bananas to give your biotin intake a boost.

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