How to Address High Heart Disease Risk

Heart Disease

High heart disease risk is nothing to ignore or put off for another day. By the time you recognize the risks or your physician identifies them, heart disease may already be imminent or established.

Your best bet for a return to long-term health requires stopping the high-risk behaviors immediately.

Here’s how to approach it when you are diagnosed with a higher risk for heart disease.

Making Changes to Reduce Heart Disease Risk

Big Changes Make a Bigger Difference

People whose lifestyles include high-risk behavior often find quicker and more substantial improvements of their heart disease if they begin a full assault on bad habits rather than try to fix one at a time. While quitting smoking, cutting down on alcohol and losing weight separately will contribute to greater health, a complete lifestyle shift could just save your life.

What are Heart Disease Risk Factors?

Below are some of the high-risk factors for heart disease. If any of these describe you or your lifestyle, you should make changes and talk to a doctor right away.

  • Overweight or obese
  • Smoking/drug habit
  • High blood pressure
  • Unstable blood sugar
  • High or unbalanced cholesterol
  • Family history

The Path Forward to Stop Heart Disease

Identifying your personal risk can take place before or after your doctor diagnoses you with heart disease. Afterward, the doctor should prescribe various beneficial changes that you should follow closely to halt or reverse damage. Whatever helps – new diet, exercise, smoking cessation, prescription medication — must be followed rigorously.

Many of the effects of heart disease cannot be felt and will not change your lifestyle until they become too grave to possibly reverse. The best outcome happens when you and your physicians focus on healthy changes as soon as possible before that happens.

Lab Testing for Heart Health

Test Smartly Labs of KC Metro offers convenient heart health lab tests. These quick, non-invasive health panels can help monitor your heart health and notify you of any heart risks you may have.

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