Take Action: April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April is Sexual Assault Action & Awareness Month, which provides an excellent chance to look at STD rates in sexual assaults. 18 percent of women and 1.8 percent of men in the US are victims of rape every year. Along with learning about important statistics, knowing the psychological and physical ramifications and seeking aftercare are important.

STD Rates

Victims are at risk for 15 different infections, reported rates of gonorrhea and syphilis in adult victims range from six to 12 percent. One study found that within 72 hours of a rape 43 percent of women were found to have at least one STD. The risk of contracting chlamydia is three to 16 percent, higher than any other infection, and over half of the women studied had it. Currently, the chances of getting HIV is 1 in 500 which is relatively low and one of the least common diseases to get during an attack.

Other Health Related Issues

Women assault victims were found to suffer from sexual dysfunction disorders, PTSD, and chronic stress-related physical pain. A study done on college survivors found that women who were raped were 1.5-3 percent more likely than non-victims to engage in drinking and driving, cigarette smoking, heavy drinking, marijuana, and other drug abuse. They were also 50 percent more likely to engage in negative health behaviors like lack of exercise, excessive caffeine or alcohol intake, and smoking.

Preventive & Aftercare Action

Education is essential. Many systems of education now focus on teaching women self-defense and safety tips. However, other areas need to be focused on such as teaching about empathy and the psychological results on the victim. After a sexual assault, it is necessary for victims to seek health care in the forms of wellness and STD testing, as well as counseling as needed.

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