Test Smartly Labs and Emergent Care Plus Partnership

We have an exciting partnership to share. Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City has partnered with Emergent Care Plus. This partnership helps us serve you better. We’re proud to work with the walk-in urgent care facilities located in Lee’s Summit and Leawood.

Emergent Care Plus

Why Turn To Emergent Care Plus?

Emergent Care Plus offers fast, high quality healthcare for you and your family. What family doesn’t have the occasional injury or sickness? Emergent Care Plus is an excellent option for families who tend to have occasional minor injuries or mild illness. Here’s why:

  • You don’t need an appointment.

  • The cost is less than a visit to the emergency room.

  • You’ll be treated by a Physician.

  • On site prescriptions are available within a matter of minutes.

  • On site x-rays and sutures are available.

  • Get your physicals done here by a physician.

Shared Philosophies: Affordable and Convenient

At Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City, we share several philosophies with Emergent Care Plus. Here are some fundamental factors of Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City:

  • Affordable solutions: Everyone is cutting costs right now. Many people think they can’t cut costs on medical services, but there are more options available than you might guess. You compare prices for big purchases — why not compare prices for blood testing or wellness testing? Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City provides affordable testing services. To compare our prices, call us at (816) 875-0464.

  • Convenient medical services: Time is precious. Sometimes it seems that there are absolutely no blank spots on the calendar — every time slot is filled with an errand, a class, work or a date with friends. Scheduling an appointment with that kind of calendar poses a challenge.
    Sometimes you need medical services or lab testing — and you need it fast. When you do find yourself in those situations, Test Smartly Labs and Emergent Care Plus come in to save the day. You can stop in without an appointment. We won’t keep you waiting forever — and we’ll make sure your results get to you as soon as they are ready.

We’ll keep you updated as we continue this partnership. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you and your family find affordable and convenient healthcare solutions and testing, call us at (913) 221-0270.

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