Benefits of Arranging an On-Site Flu Shot For Your Employees

As we shared in our last post, the flu not only has a huge impact on an individual’s health, but also on the health of those around them. This includes their co-workers.

If one of your employees brings the flu into your workplace, you stand to lose money in the form of sick days, lost productivity, and health care costs. When you realize that having employees get a flu shot lowers their risk of infection and saves your business an average of $30 per employee, it just makes sense: you want the maximum number of people in your work force to get protected with a flu shot.

When it comes to encouraging employees to get their flu shot, nothing works better than hosting immunizations on-site. Here’s why.

Benefits of an On-Site Flu Shot


You can’t force your employees to get a flu shot, but you can make it so convenient for them to do so that there’s really no point in not getting one. When you host on-site vaccinations, employees don’t have to worry about making a doctor’s appointment or driving to get the flu shot themselves; they can easily sign up for a slot and walk to the designated area whenever it’s time to get vaccinated. No other method beats the convenience of an on-site flu shot.

Prevent Exposure to InfectionKansas City | Why Provide an On-Site Flu Shot at Work?

Because many people wait to get the flu shot until they fear they’ve been infected, the doctor’s office waiting room can be the most dangerous place to be during flu season!

With an on-site flu shot, you enable your employees to protect themselves without exposing themselves to these germs. One comprehensive review of flu shot research found that getting an on-site flu shot lowered the rate of nosocomial infections (which are caught when people visit the doctor’s office, hospital, or other medical setting — such as when they go to get their flu shot!) by a whopping 78%!

No Gap in Productivity

Not only is it convenient to offer the flu shot at your workplace, but it will also prevent gaps in productivity. Employees won’t have to take time off to go to the doctor. A few forms to sign, a pinch and a bandaid — the flu shot will be over before they know it, and they’ll be back to work. Furthermore, once they’re protected by the flu shot, they lower their risk of getting sick and needing time off — which means they’ll be more productive then, too!

Protect More Employees

Again, you can’t make your employees protect their health with a flu shot. Yet when you promote the flu shot at your workplace, more of your employees will get it, providing a stronger herd immunity for your workforce.

Research shows that hosting the flu shot on-site increases vaccination rates by 21%, which leads to a 11.3% decrease of influenza rates.Whether the inconvenience of going to a doctor’s office or the price of the flu shot is preventing your employees from getting vaccinated, with an on-site flu shot program, you’ll increase the immunization rate.

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