Buying a Home in Missouri or Kansas? Here’s Why You Need Meth Testing.

With spring in the air, many real estate agents are celebrating as Kansas City home buyers are out in full force.

While walk-in closets, spacious kitchens, and finished basements are all high on prospective buyers’ wish lists, we think the #1 must-have is simple: people want a home that was not formerly a meth house.

An unfortunate reality of living in the Kansas City metro is that many houses have been contaminated by the production of drugs — and in the happy haze of touring properties, people may forget this.

Here’s why we always recommend meth testing for home buyers, and why working with an independent professional is preferable to the DIY route or test results from a meth lab cleaning crew.

Why Meth Testing for Kansas City Properties?

Medical Effects of Meth Contamination

The medical problems related to meth exposure can be minor (migraines, skin irritation, and respiratory problems) to major (burns, cancer, and even death). In children, these issues are even more pronounced and dangerous.

Meth testing is necessary so that families can evaluate their future homes and determine if any of the highly toxic chemicals used in manufacturing meth are present. Since the method of manufacturing meth makes toxins spread to every inch of the room in which it’s cooked and beyond, everything is contaminated — including flooring, the walls, window treatments, and air ducts. Ingesting these chemicals — even the tiniest bit — can lead to immediate death.

Meth is a Problem in the KC MetroBrand New Home

It’s widely known that meth is a problem in the Kansas City area. In Missouri alone, 12,354 meth labs with 118,000 pounds of toxic waste have been discovered since 1998, per narcotics specialist Sergeant Cory Craig. Suburbs like Independence, MO have been touted as “meth capitals.” While Missouri no longer holds the #1 spot in terms of US meth production, considering the state is still #3, we think meth testing is still a necessity.

Meth Houses Aren’t Always Properly Documented

The US Drug Enforcement Agency does have a registry that lists meth labs that have been discovered since 1999, but meth experts are skeptical that the list is all-inclusive. Since the record-keeping is voluntary, experts think there are anywhere from 1 million to 1.5 million meth labs nationwide, and many of them haven’t been discovered by law enforcement. Relying upon federal and state registries isn’t enough; meth testing is the only accurate way to gauge your home’s safety.

Lax Meth Cleaning & Testing Laws

Nationally, there are no standards for meth lab cleanups, and regulations vary widely in different states.Some experts have also questioned if current meth cleaning procedures are effective in removing toxins that are absorbed by homes. Current cleaning methods tend to be more superficial. And in some areas, it’s relatively simple to obtain a license or certification for meth lab cleanup. Just because someone can take a 2 hour class and pass a written test doesn’t make them an expert in meth lab cleanups!

In Missouri, property decontamination is totally up to the property owner, with little to no oversight from the government to ensure that meth cleaning takes place. As a result, homeowners or renters may unknowingly take residence in a contaminated home — unless they use meth testing before moving.

DIY or Clean-Up Crew Testing? No.

If you’re convinced that meth testing is a necessary step in the home-buying process, you may think you can grab an at-home test kit and do it yourself. With this route, however, there is room for human error — and given that exposure to an environment used to produce meth can be fatal, do you really want to gamble with your life or the lives of your family just to cut costs? Furthermore, at-home meth testing kit results may not be court-admissible since you can’t legally prove they weren’t falsified or altered — so if you’re looking to press charges against a landlord or seller, you may not be able to.

Some meth cleaning service providers may offer meth testing, but since they have a vested interest in securing results that show their cleaning services were effective, this is a clear conflict of interest.

If you are seriously considering meth testing for your new home or apartment, you need an independent, truly impartial professional you can trust: Test Smartly Labs of Overland Park. Our team can provide quick, accurate meth testing to see if your environment is safe for your family. Whether you’re buying or renting, our services provide peace of mind; they can also help you pursue legal action if necessary.

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