Obesity Rates in Kansas and Missouri

Obesity puts around 78 million Americans at an increased risk for a range of health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. According to a new report from the Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, almost one in every three adults in Kansas and Missouri is clinically obese. The wild rates of obesity across the nation are nothing new. Better Policies for a Healthier America notes that obesity rates nationwide have stabilized, however, the stable level is much too high. Continue reading “Obesity Rates in Kansas and Missouri” »

The Difference Between Fasting Glucose & A1c


If you’re a diabetic, chances are, you are aware of the difference between A1c and fasting glucose levels. But to others, these terms are probably unfamiliar and unimportant.

With Thanksgiving here, many people are concerned about their dietary intake, beyond diabetics.

In addition to Thanksgiving, November is National Diabetes Month, so we are shedding more light on the disease. Here’s a closer look at A1c vs. fasting glucose and what it could mean for the treatment and prevention of diabetes.

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