September is Newborn Screening Awareness Month

This year marks 54 years of newborn screening in the United States. Throughout September, the newborn screening community rallies together around the principle that all babies deserve a healthy start.  Continue reading “September is Newborn Screening Awareness Month” »

GxSlim Genetics-Based Testing Could Be the Key to Weight Loss



Almost half (49%) of all Americans report wanting to lose weight, yet the percentage of Americans aged 20 years or older who are overweight, including obese, is 70.7% (CDC 2014). There are plenty of reasons for weight gain that most people don’t consider such as volume and calories. Calories in versus calories out is a simply way of putting it, even if you are eating a healthy diet the volume at which you are eating might be grossly out of balance. But what about those who try one diet after another with no results?

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The Importance of Genetic Wellness DNA Testing

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Genetic DNA testing is quickly becoming more common as medical professionals and individuals find more uses for this type of testing. Genetic testing goes far beyond learning about ancestry or familial connections; genetic testing can actually be an essential part of an individual’s health and wellness. In fact, it can even help save an individual’s life. Read on to learn more.

What is Genetic Wellness Testing?

Pharmacogentics testing involves testing an individual’s DNA to discover how that individual’s body will react to certain drugs and medical treatments. Pharmacogenetics, a type of genetic wellness DNA testing, is helpful to doctors as it affects which medications or treatments doctors prescribe for their patients. Doctors are able to use the genetic knowledge gained from DNA testing to help them better understand their patients’ needs.

Genetic wellness testing can also help determine how an individual’s unique genetics affect their nutritional and dietary needs, and it can help determine if an individual has a predisposition for certain illnesses. Understanding how DNA affects the body’s ability to process certain nutrients can help individual’s optimize their wellness through personalized nutritional planning. Additionally, gaining knowledge of genetic predisposition to certain diseases can direct individuals towards life-saving preventative care.

Is Genetic Wellness Testing Right for You?

If you’d like to achieve better health but are unsure of the next step, genetic wellness DNA testing can help you discover how to optimize your wellness plans for your body. Rather than blindly trying various medications to see which one works for you, genetic testing can help your doctor find the medication that will work best for your unique DNA on the first try.

Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City provides DNA testing to help individuals better understand their unique genetic code and how it affects their health. Contact us today to learn more.