This Year’s Deadly Flu Virus Claims Another

Every state besides Hawaii is battling this highly aggressive strain of the flu this year. On Monday, January 22nd, mother-of-two, Karlie Slaven, died of the flu just three days after being diagnosed. Slaven has spent the week before caring for her son and daughter while they were battling the flu.  Continue reading “This Year’s Deadly Flu Virus Claims Another” »

With Flu Season Almost Here, It’s Time for Your On-Site Flu Shots

Why On-Site Flu Shots- (2)

With the holidays officially here, chances are your mind (and your employees’ minds) are on things other than the flu.

However, if you’re not careful, influenza can have a big and negative impact on your workplace.

Check out our vlog and infographic below to see why on-site flu shots might benefit your workplace and get a glimpse at how our workplace vaccination program works!

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Why Your Workplace Needs On-Site Flu Shots

Flu Shot

Cold and flu season is rapidly approaching, and it’s the perfect time to think about on-site flu vaccinations for your workplace. While it may cost money initially for on-site flu shots, it can save you in the long run as far as productivity and time off work are concerned. Here’s why.

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Here’s What Healthcare Workers NEED to Know About Vaccination

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) urges everyone to get the flu vaccine annually and to stay up-to-date on all other vaccinations. Individuals in high-risk occupations such as those in healthcare demand extra attention. Because nurses and doctors have constant contact with ill patients, they’re at greater risk of getting the flu and other diseases themselves.

Here’s why healthcare workers need to be so concerned about their vaccination status, and what exactly they must do to maintain it.

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Why You Should Still Get Your Flu Shot

It’s too late in the season.

I’ve already been sick.

The CDC said it’s not as effective, anyway!

We’ve heard all of these excuses and more when it comes to the flu shot.

We’re here to share why it’s still a good idea to get your flu shot this year — despite what you may think!
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Don’t Forget Your Health This Holiday Season

With seemingly endless to-do-lists piling up this month — buy and wrap the gifts, trim and tidy the house for guests, plan, purchase, and prep for the many holiday meals, swing by the Plaza, Christmas in the Park, or the Magic Tree to see the lights — there’s bound to be a few things that Kansas City residents let fall to the wayside.

For too many people, that thing tends to be their health.

We understand that the stress of the season can lead you to certain unhealthy habits, from overeating to struggling with sleeping. But when you let your health fall low on your list of priorities, it actually only makes the stress much worse.

Test Smartly Labs of Overland Park is sharing some easy ways for you to keep your health on track this holiday season!

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Why Invest in Biometric Screenings for Your Business?

Many businesses recognize the importance of workplace wellness, but limit their program to educational components like lunch and learns or health fairs.

While giving your employees the general information they need to stay healthy is undoubtedly important, it’s also key that you provide them with specific knowledge about their personal health, too. You can do so with biometric screenings.

When people think of biometric screenings, common lab tests such as cholesterol panels, blood pressure, and blood sugar come to mind. But that’s not all your biometric screenings can include. Test Smartly Labs of Overland Park offers a variety of additional screenings and components, ranging from allergy and deficiency testing and cancer screening to nicotine testing and the flu vaccine!

With customizable biometric screenings, you can provide tailored workplace wellness initiatives that benefit not only your employees’ health, but your business’ wellbeing, too! Here’s how.

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Benefits of Arranging an On-Site Flu Shot For Your Employees

As we shared in our last post, the flu not only has a huge impact on an individual’s health, but also on the health of those around them. This includes their co-workers.

If one of your employees brings the flu into your workplace, you stand to lose money in the form of sick days, lost productivity, and health care costs. When you realize that having employees get a flu shot lowers their risk of infection and saves your business an average of $30 per employee, it just makes sense: you want the maximum number of people in your work force to get protected with a flu shot.

When it comes to encouraging employees to get their flu shot, nothing works better than hosting immunizations on-site. Here’s why.

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What the Flu Can Cost Your Business

While flu season usually doesn’t peak until January or February, it often starts in October — so now’s the time to start planning how you’ll ensure your health when the flu starts spreading.

If you’re an HR manager or business owner, that means you need to think about how you’ll stop the flu from disrupting your workplace.

There are numerous reasons why your workplace needs to provide the flu vaccine. Here are a few ways that the flu can impact your business.

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Read This Before You Go Back to College

As August begins, many Kansas City teens are preparing to start or go back to college. Classes, college friends, fun, and football season are likely on the brain.

Whether you attend school in KC or a more distant location, it’s key that you take steps to keep yourself healthy this semester.

Here are our tips for staying well as you head back to college!

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