How Can Food Sensitivity and Intolerance Effect Your Daily Life?

There’s nothing more frustrating than knowing something is wrong with your body and not being able to figure out what it is. You’ve gone to countless doctors, ran hundreds of dollars worth of tests, and with only some certainty, you’ve been put on multiple medications and only help some of the problems. Or maybe you’ve been given a diagnosis but don’t agree with it. Sound familiar? Continue reading “How Can Food Sensitivity and Intolerance Effect Your Daily Life?” »

Kansas City: Stay Healthy This Holiday


Have you recently been diagnosed with a chronic illness or disease? With Thanksgiving just a few days away, you’ll want to make sure that a family staple won’t trigger any bad side effects. Of course, ask your doctor for complete guidance concerning severe diseases like Crohn’s or Diverticulitis. This list is a simple reminder for individuals with lower-risks. Continue reading “Kansas City: Stay Healthy This Holiday” »