Accidental Deaths Increase Due to Opioid Overdoses

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), opioid overdoses are causing a sharp increase in accidental deaths in the United States. In fact, for the first time in over a century, the NSC found accidental deaths to be the third-leading cause of fatalities in 2016. Continue reading “Accidental Deaths Increase Due to Opioid Overdoses” »

The Worst Drug Crisis in American History

In 2015, over 52,000 Americans died of drug overdoses (CDC). 33,000 were fatal and two-thirds were from opioids, both prescription painkillers and heroin. The same year, for the first time ever, deaths from heroin alone surpassed gun homicides. This epidemic, like other drugs such as meth, is spread out; it affects big cities like Chicago and Baltimore just as it does small, rural Appalachia, New England, and parts of the Midwest.  Continue reading “The Worst Drug Crisis in American History” »