Celebrating Easter and Avoiding An Allergy Attack


Allergy-safe Easter ideas can prevent problems at your celebration.

For some, Easter traditions full of dying hard-boiled eggs, chomping on delicious chocolate candy and rummaging through the backyard in search of colorful plastic eggs make the day complete.

But if allergies strike your family, your holiday may quickly turn south. Especially if food or environmental allergies come into play.

If you’re making Easter plans, be mindful of allergies. Here are a few ways ensure allergic reactions don’t take center stage at your holiday gathering.

Food Allergies at Easter

Children and adults can suffer from food allergies. Some of the “Top 8″ food allergies can be found in traditional Easter dishes:

  1. Milk
  2. Peanuts
  3. Shellfish
  4. Tree Nuts
  5. Eggs
  6. Fish
  7. Soy
  8. Wheat

Deviled eggs, creamy casseroles and even Snickers eggs can all pose a severe threat if your Easter guests suffer from a food allergy. Make sure to know if anyone will have a problem with your menu or treats, and plan accordingly!

Environmental Allergies at Easter

Let’s hope this heavy Kansas City snowfall melts before next weekend and plans for Easter egg hunts carry on! However if your guests face a pollen, grass, weed or tree allergy, an outdoor egg hunt might cause problems. While some can easily manage seasonal allergies with over-the-counter allergy medication, think of activities that will be safe for allergy sufferers in the event they don’t bring meds. Some ideas:

  • Do an indoor Easter egg hunt
  • Assemble Easter baskets and make some to give away to others
  • Plan a few indoor Easter crafts

Surviving Easter with Allergies

Knowing that allergies may pose a problem can help you plan a great Easter party that everyone enjoys!

For ideas, check out this great document from Kids With Food Allergies that includes:

  • Allergy-safe Easter crafts
  • Allergy-safe Easter basket ideas
  • Allergy-safe Easter egg hunts
  • Allergy-safe Easter egg decorating
  • Allergen-free Easter recipes

[Download:  Celebrating Easter – Celebrate with Food Allergies and Have Fun, too!]

Do you have a food or environmental allergy?

If you aren’t sure if you have an allergy, consider allergy testing. Our team at Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City can identify if you suffer from food or environmental allergies. No insurance needed. No doctor’s prescription required.

Give us a shout today at any of our three locations:  (913) 815-0988.

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