Chained to Your Desk? Why a Lunch Break is a Must for Every Employee

If you’re one of the many people that take your lunch break at your desk, you’re causing unnecessary stress to your health because of your habit.
A phenomenon known as “desktop dining” affects a reported 62% of professionals who refuse to stop working to truly enjoy their mid-day meal. As a result, they snack more and consume an additional 476 worth of calories because of the food they have hidden away in their desks.

Rather than make an informed decision about the food they eat throughout the day, men and women grab whatever they can find to satisfy their hunger pains. Had they just taken a lunch break away from their desk, they would have avoided snacking and putting unnecessary strain on their health.

Need more evidence as to why you and your employees need a real lunch break? Read on!

Step Away from the Desk

Better Eating

Studies find that people have a tendency to eat better when they’re with a group of people. They don’t rely on high-calorie snacks to get them through the day. This makes it so they consume fewer calories while sitting and working.

Less Sedentary Living

A sedentary position paired with a high-calorie diet causes weight gain which can lead to obesity and a number of other diseases. A lunch break away from the desk is the key to good health, as is a daily walk. Getting up from your desk helps with circulation, cholesterol, and overall heart health.

Healthy Digestion

Every employee should take a lunch break and have ample time to eat, enjoy, and digest their food. When men and women feel rushed, they only consume part of their meal and leave it in breakroom refrigerators where it spoils. Many employees admit that they have no idea when the fridge gets cleaned out if it gets cleaned out at all.

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