Know Your Numbers: PSA Levels

PSA is a protein that’s found in dude stuff. In the late 1980s, the FDA approved the test for monitoring prostate cancer patients’ disease and in the early 1990s, the test became a standard (along with a digital rectal exam) for prostate cancer screening. It’s typically advised that men between the ages of 40-75 get a PSA test, and especially those with a family history of prostate cancer. It can not only lead to the detection of prostate cancer, but it may also help catch prostate cancer early and greatly increase the likelihood of survivorship.

PSA May Determine Cancer or Cancer Risk


PSA testing can help you make a great catch – prostate cancer screening saves lives.

A PSA test may indicate that a man has prostate cancer or is at risk for prostate cancer. Prostate cancer cells produce PSA and elevate the normal levels of PSA in the blood stream. It’s important to realize however that just because a PSA test reports elevated levels – that does NOT necessarily indicate prostate cancer. PSA levels may be higher because of inflammation or enlargement of the prostate gland and/or other non-cancerous causes. The reverse is true too – even though a PSA test reports normal levels it’s important to receive proper cancer screening if you’re of age or at risk. Based on your PSA test results, you can know if further action and a physician consultation is needed.

Learn more about what the Mayo Clinic has to say about PSA screening.

What is a normal PSA level?

Typically, doctors have looked to this information as the standard of PSA levels:

  • 4.0 ng/mL and lower as normal PSA level
  • 4.0 ng/mL or higher as elevated and at risk for prostate cancer

Note – this is a baseline – sometimes cancer is present and levels are not elevated. Elevated levels do NOT necessarily indicate prostate cancer is present.

Why get a PSA test with Test Smartly Labs?

There are many reasons clients come to us for a PSA test. Some reasons why men prefer our lab include:

  • Family history of prostate cancer; want to see if PSA levels are elevated and a physician needs to be seen.
  • No insurance to visit a doctor but want a PSA test to check on prostate levels.
  • Doctor has recommended routine PSA tests to keep an eye on elevated levels – ARCpoint makes it easy to get the test and not go through a more expensive, complicated hospital system.
  • Walk-in clinic has you in & out in no time; makes getting a PSA test fast, easy & affordable.
  • Environment is less-alarming than an intimidating hospital or doctor’s office.

If you have a family history of prostate cancer and/or are of the age to begin screening, let us help you take the first step and run a PSA test for you. It involves a quick blood draw and we’ll call you within a few days with results. Call (913) 815-0988 with any questions or visit any of our three Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City locations to get your PSA test done.

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