Do you have mono?

A friend of ours at Test Smartly Labs Kansas City recently used our walk-in lab to determine if she had mono. It’s just one of the many ways we’re helping bring quick, fast healthcare and lab work solutions to people in this area. We were curious about her experience and why she chose to use ARCpoint of KC to get her mono test... so we asked her to share her story.


Q. Why a mono test?

A. I had been feeling weak and tired for about a week. I knew something was off, but I wasn’t sure why I didn’t feel well. A few days later, one of my friends told me she had gone to the doctor and tested positive for mono. I was worried this was why I didn’t feel well, either. I looked up a few symptoms of mono and decided that I could very well have it too – but wanted to know for sure. I had my daughter at home and wanted to know if I needed to be extremely careful to not share drinks, etc. So, I decided I needed to get a mono test.

Q. How did the mono test work?

A. Getting a mono test was simple. I called up to the office closest to me (off Metcalf) and let them know I would be coming in that afternoon. Mary was great, she took me back and the test collection took less than 10 minutes. She drew my blood, the poke wasn’t bad at all and everything was very sterile and clean. As I was leaving, she told me she was going to check on the results the next day (even a Saturday!). They estimated 3-5 days later, but I actually got the results of the test emailed to me by Monday afternoon.

Q. Why did you come to Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City?

A. It’s funny – many would probably choose to go to ARCpoint because they don’t have insurance or don’t want to pay a co-pay or deductible if they do. I’m actually in the opposite spot – seeing my physician would have been completely covered since I’ve hit my deductible this year. But, it was still worth it to pay just a little bit and have Test Smartly Labs do the test.

For one, I didn’t have to make an appointment, I walked right in.

Two – my physician wasn’t able to see me until the next week and I wanted the test done that day, on a Friday afternoon.

Three – it was fast and I didn’t have to sit in a doctor’s office waiting room,  fill out paperwork packets or mess with my insurance. I was in and out in less than 10 minutes.

Fourth – fast results. They were emailed to me in a few days.

Fifth – I could use my Health Savings Account to pay for the test – it was seamless, easy and affordable.

Q. Would you recommend Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City?

A. Absolutely – no hesitation! I had a great experience with Test Smartly Labs – and I’m not just saying that because my mono test came back negative!! My life is busy, and ARCpoint accommodated that. I knew the exact test I wanted run, and I didn’t have to spend time convincing a doctor to run it for me or waiting around for an opening on their schedule for my appointment. I requested my own test, got my own results and carried on life as usual. I will definitely be back.


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