Domestic Violence, STDs and Relationships



Scientists are increasing awareness of the connection between domestic violence and STDs. It seems that many abusive relationships also involve an STD, and awareness of this connection may help people to extricate themselves from an unhealthy situation.

The Connection Between Domestic Violence and STDs

The World Trade Organization found that in some parts of the world, female domestic violence victims are approximately one and-a-half times more likely to contract HIV when compared with women in non-abusive relationships. Moreover, where abusive behaviors exist, significant others tend to have less control over sexual choices. This means that they do not feel empowered to refuse sex or to request that their partner use a condom. When more people become aware of the connection between domestic violence and STDs, it’s likely that abused partners will look for ways to leave an unhealthy relationship.

Raising Awareness

An abusive partner often strengthens the bond between domestic violence and STDs by intentionally infecting their partner. They may force their partner to have unprotected sex through the use of violence, which often results in an STD diagnosis. Then, they engage in mind games that are designed to keep their partner trapped in the relationship. The connection between domestic violence and STDs is reinforced as they tell their partner that no one else will want them.

Awareness Can Stop the Cycle

With the bond between domestic violence and STDs being better understood, there is a valuable opportunity to raise awareness among abused individuals everywhere in the world. When they recognize how their partner may be using domestic violence and STDs to control their behavior, they stand a better chance of breaking the cycle.

Awareness of how abusive behavior and the transmission of STDs can go hand-in-hand is an important first step toward enhancing the safety of domestic violence victims.

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