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Drive by any pharmacy, and you’ll start seeing the signs everywhere – FLU SHOTS.


Even President Obama gets a flu shot.

In 2010, experts actually voted and said that EVERYONE older than 6 months of age should get a flu shot. The flu is a common virus that impacts nearly 20% of Americans each year (according to CDC.) While individuals may experience differing side effects, typically the flu virus brings about nausea, soreness, high fever, diarrhea, and exhaustion. Symptoms that may leave an employee gone for days … if not weeks.

How does a Flu Shot Work?

Although flu shots are not new, not everyone is sold on the shot. However, with the growing number of cases of flu and CDC recommendations, it’s encourage that people consider having a flu shot.

Each year, scientists research and hypothesize what strains of flu will show up each year. They work on a shot that injects antibodies that can fight those strains into the body. About two weeks after the flu shot is administered, the body begins reproducing those flu-fighting antibodies. This can help keep a person well throughout flu season (which can run from October through May, with the height of the season in December.) Contrary to some popular myths, you cannot get the flu from the flu shot – in all actuality, you get flu fighting antibodies from a flu shot.

Why Employees Need Flu Shots

It’s a good idea for employers to consider hosting flu shots at the workplace. Some employers even offer complementary flu shots for employees, with the option of having the family vaccinated on-location too.

Offering flu shots for employees (and their families) can help you workforce follow the CDC’s recommendations and advice. The flu is a virus that can spread easily and quickly, and must be kept out of the workforce. Plus, once an employee has the flu, they may miss several days of work and important deadlines. Flu has the risk of spreading around the office and keeping many employees at home. Flu shots can lower the risk of being impacted by the flu at work, and keep your employees healthy and productive.

On-Location or OnSite Flu Shots in Kansas City

If you’re interested in encouraging all employees to have a flu shot, organizations like ourselves a Kansas City independent lab, can come to you! We can administer flu shots from our Overland Park lab, or onsite. We’ll bring our team of certified lab technicians to safely and quickly administer the flu shots. Several companies reserve the conference room and have our team set up in there while employees filter in for flu shots. Contact us if you’re interested in having flu shots come to your Kansas City workplace.

Also – check out the CDC’s website for more information about the importance of flu shots.

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