Fighting the Flu in the Workplace

It’s that time of year when seasonal illnesses pop up around the office. We all know that the holiday season is a terrible time for your workers to get sick, as they’re trying to get all their work finished before holiday vacations and they want to spend their downtime with family. No one wants to be confined to their bed when they should be celebrating the season.

According to the CDC, 1 out of 10 lost days of work each year is due to the flu. It’s important for company CEOs and HR managers to understand how to fight the flu at work. By implementing these policies that fight the flu, you’ll keep your employees happy, healthy, and productive, all while protecting your bottom line.

Fighting the Flu in the Office

Avoid Hand-to-Face Contact

Since hand-to-face transmission is the primary way the flu is spread, having your employees avoid this contact at work will help fight the flu. When your workers are sick, they should avoid handshakes and face-to-face contact, opting for email or teleconferencing instead.

Encourage Personal Hygiene

Another easy way to fight the flu? Supply hand sanitizer for employee use, especially after they use their computers since keyboards get quite germy. You should also enforce employee handwashing.

Clean & Disinfect Surfaces

To really fight the flu, talk to your building’s cleaning company about disinfecting public areas, not just doing surface cleanings. You should also encourage your employees to disinfect their personal belongings and spaces during peak flu season.

Create & Enforce Your Stay at Home Policies

To fight the flu effectively, your company needs to write and actually enforce a flu outbreak policy. The policy should outline the symptoms of the flu and let your employees know the protocol for calling in sick. You can also establish telecommuting policies in case of a widespread outbreak so that sick and non-sick employees can work from home if needed. Inform your employees of the flu policy, post information about it in your workplace, and provide a hard copy for employees to have at home.

Once your policy is in place, the best way to fight the flu is to actually enforce it. If an employee comes in displaying the symptoms of the flu, send them to the doctor before their sickness spreads to others.

Give Your Employees Flu Shots

The best way to fight the flu at work is to have your employees get a flu shot. Test Smartly Labs can provide on-site flu shots so that your employees can get protected against the flu right at your workplace! Our certified lab technicians will safely and quickly administer the flu shot and have you on your way.


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