What the Flu Can Cost Your Business

While flu season usually doesn’t peak until January or February, it often starts in October — so now’s the time to start planning how you’ll ensure your health when the flu starts spreading.

If you’re an HR manager or business owner, that means you need to think about how you’ll stop the flu from disrupting your workplace.

There are numerous reasons why your workplace needs to provide the flu vaccine. Here are a few ways that the flu can impact your business.

Why Invest in the Flu Vaccine?

Increase Productivity

The causes more than sniffles — and when your employees catch it, it doesn’t just inconvenience them, but can effectively incapacitate them. According to the Virginia Department of Health, overall the flu is responsible for 200 million days of decreased productivity per year as employees attempt to work through their illness. It also contributes to 75 million days of work absences and 100 million days of bed rest.Kansas City | Why Your Workplace Needs the Flu Shot

With a flu vaccine program, you can ensure that more of your employees are protected from the virus and thus lower the amount of lost productivity and sick days.

Decrease Costs

The flu also has monetary repercussions on your business. If your business has 50+ employees and you provide health insurance, you’ll feel the cost of the flu as those medical premiums rise. The flu results in 22 million visits to doctors annually, and these costs add up. Overall, US businesses spend $87.1 billion dollars in flu-related costs, with $10.4 billion of this consisting of direct medical costs such as hospitalization and outpatient services.

When you incorporate flu vaccine administration in your workplace wellness program, you can save $30 in costs per vaccinated employee, which can make a huge difference!

Improve Employee Morale

Flu season can be tough on an employee’s morale if they don’t feel that their employer takes the illness seriously. This can lead employees to come to work when they are sick with the flu, which results in the spread of the virus.

Show your employees that you recognize the dangers of the flu by providing the flu vaccine and by outlining a clear stay-home policy in case of an outbreak. They’ll appreciate that you take infection seriously, and if you make it convenient to get the flu vaccine, they’ll be more likely to immunize themselves.

On-Site Flu Vaccine Administration in Kansas City

Test Smartly Labs of Overland Park provides on-site and mobile flu vaccine administration to Kansas City businesses. Let us come into your business and provide quick, convenient service. Your employees won’t have to travel, so more of them will be protected by the flu vaccine.

To learn more about our mobile flu vaccine services, call (913) 815-0988 today!

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