Why You Should Still Get Your Flu Shot

It’s too late in the season.

I’ve already been sick.

The CDC said it’s not as effective, anyway!

We’ve heard all of these excuses and more when it comes to the flu shot.

We’re here to share why it’s still a good idea to get your flu shot this year — despite what you may think!

Why to Get Your Flu Shot

Diminished Effects

Cold & FluWhile it’s true that the CDC has acknowledged that the flu shot is less effective than desired this year, they also still recommend vaccination. One of the reasons why? Because even if it doesn’t protect you 100% against the flu (no flu shot ever can!), if you’ve been vaccinated and you get the flu, your symptoms should be less pronounced. The flu shot could mean one day in bed thanks to sniffles vs. a week in the hospital thanks to serious complications.

Here in Kansas City, there have already been multiple flu-related deaths, and experts expect that number to rise as the season goes on. Even though your flu shot may not be a guarantee of no sickness, it could save you from a harsher illness!

A New Strain Could Emerge

Another reason to get your flu shot? Although experts do their best to determine what flu strains will be dominant in each season, as this year’s drifted strain proves, they are not infallible. Just as experts were unable foresee the mutated strain this year, they also aren’t able to predict what strains of the flu will be most dominant as the season progresses. A new strain of flu might start to circulate or become more prominent, and perhaps the flu shot will be more effective at combating this strain. Don’t forget, the flu season can extend well into March, and diseases strive to infect as many people as possible — so the flu could still change on us, yet!

You Might Not Have Encountered the Flu Yet

If you’ve been laid up with flu-like symptoms, you might assume you’ve already caught the disease and therefore don’t need the flu shot, as your body has had a chance to build up immunity the natural way.

But since so many symptoms of the flu are shared with the common cold — including cough, nasal congestion, body aches, fatigue, and low-grade fever — you may be mistaking a regular cold for influenza.

If you don’t have a confirmed flu diagnosis from your doctor, you don’t know whether you’ve gotten the flu or not. Your best form of protection is thus getting your flu shot.

Get an Affordable Flu Shot in Kansas City

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