How Can Food Sensitivity and Intolerance Effect Your Daily Life?

There’s nothing more frustrating than knowing something is wrong with your body and not being able to figure out what it is. You’ve gone to countless doctors, ran hundreds of dollars worth of tests, and with only some certainty, you’ve been put on multiple medications and only help some of the problems. Or maybe you’ve been given a diagnosis but don’t agree with it. Sound familiar?

Food Sensitivities can Present Like Other Illnesses

Did you know many common symptoms of illnesses can be caused by food sensitivities? This happened to actual Test Smartly Lab customer, Amy D. – She started getting red and very itchy skin that just wouldn’t go away. Obviously frustrated with the constant scratching, she went to the doctor and was diagnosed with chronic eczema. Unfortunately, eczema has no cure, so the doctors simply told her to apply different creams and ointments for temporary itch relief. Not happy with this diagnosis, Amy decided to do a food allergy sensitivity test and found she was actually allergic to zucchini – one of her favorite vegetables that she ate often. After cutting zucchini out of her diet for just 2 weeks, her “eczema” went away! Now that she knows this was the cause of her irritation, she knows to only eat zucchini sparingly to avoid a breakout.

Taking Many Medications?

Finding and avoiding certain food sensitivities could also reduce the number of daily medications you need. Chronic diseases are, of course, very real and can require a lot of medication. However, in realizing what foods may affect your body adversely and changing your diet to decrease exposure to those, the amount of medications needed to function could possibly be reduced!

Food Sensitivities May Show Symptoms Gradually

Food sensitivities don’t always present themselves physically and can present themselves gradually over time. Overexposure to a food type that irritates you can cause easily dismissible symptoms like GI tract issues, migraines, headaches, cough, feeling sluggish or other less-than-great feelings we could experience on any normal day. However, it’s very possible to get rid of these feelings completely just by avoiding certain food types.

Our Food Allergy and Sensitivity Test isn’t a standard “stick you with a bunch of needs and check for reaction” test. We simply draw some blood and test it against many different food types to see what your blood reacts to. If we find you do have sensitivities, we will work with you to come up with a dietary plan to help with food transitioning. So if you’re ever having a day where you just don’t feel right, walk into any of our locations and to see if we can help your body start feeling more normal!

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