Don’t Forget Your Health This Holiday Season

With seemingly endless to-do-lists piling up this month — buy and wrap the gifts, trim and tidy the house for guests, plan, purchase, and prep for the many holiday meals, swing by the Plaza, Christmas in the Park, or the Magic Tree to see the lights — there’s bound to be a few things that Kansas City residents let fall to the wayside.

For too many people, that thing tends to be their health.

We understand that the stress of the season can lead you to certain unhealthy habits, from overeating to struggling with sleeping. But when you let your health fall low on your list of priorities, it actually only makes the stress much worse.

Test Smartly Labs of Overland Park is sharing some easy ways for you to keep your health on track this holiday season!

Make Your Health a Priority This December

Fill in Your Family Health HistoryKansas City | Don't Forget Your Health This Holiday Season

You’re about to spend a lot of time with your family — now might be a great time to fill in any blanks in your family health history! Learning what genetic conditions you are also at risk for can help you better monitor your health and make necessary lifestyle adjustments.

If you are adopted or are just unclear about some aspects of your family health history, you can even use DNA testing to learn more about your genetic background.

Review Key Health Stats

Holiday treats high in fat and sugar often equal high cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose levels, and more. December is a good time to get basic lab testing done. Take your numbers to your healthcare professional to compare to past levels and make a concrete wellness plan. If you need to make dietary changes or start a new workout regimen, what better time than the new year, when thousands of others are also showing a renewed interest in their wellness?

Prevent the Spread of Flu

When you’re out shopping for the holiday, you come into contact with hundreds if not thousands of people — and all their germs, too. Winter is breeding season for influenza, and experts at the CDC are predicting an unusually severe flu season. Although the makers of this year’s flu shot couldn’t foresee the drifted H3N2 strain, getting a flu shot is still one of the best ways to protect yourself from influenza and reduce your risk of hospitalization or serious complications.

In addition to getting your flu shot, you should be sure to follow all preventative measures that doctors recommend during flu season, like washing hands thoroughly, not heading in to work when you have flu symptoms, and seeking care from your doctor.

Remember Basic Wellness

Don’t let a hectic schedule wreck your health. A healthy diet, regular exercise, and quality sleep are all incredibly key for your winter wellness. Make time in your day for a little workout, even if it’s a power walk as you grab groceries. Create healthy grab bags that make it easy for you to snack nutritiously on the go. Eat before you go to the holiday party; excuse yourself when you feel tiredness setting in. If you make an effort to prioritize your health, you should see results.

A Healthy Holiday With Test Smartly Labs of Overland Park

Test Smartly Labs of Overland Park can help you stay healthy this holiday season and yearround. We offer clinical lab testing, DNA testing, flu shots, biometric screenings, and more, all to help keep Kansas City healthy. To learn more, call us today at (913) 815-0988!


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