GxSlim Genetics-Based Testing Could Be the Key to Weight Loss



Almost half (49%) of all Americans report wanting to lose weight, yet the percentage of Americans aged 20 years or older who are overweight, including obese, is 70.7% (CDC 2014). There are plenty of reasons for weight gain that most people don’t consider such as volume and calories. Calories in versus calories out is a simply way of putting it, even if you are eating a healthy diet the volume at which you are eating might be grossly out of balance. But what about those who try one diet after another with no results?

Weight Control is a Genetic Matter

Genetics could be your barrier to sustainable weight loss. Everyone’s body is unique in how it utilizes carbohydrates, fats, proteins and many nutrients. You may notice trends in your family like being overweight and even certain food allergies, these are all links that could lead you to the right diet and exercise plan.

Unlock Your DNA’s Secrets

GxSlim is a DNA swab kit that uses algorithms developed by evaluating about 50 research studies, recommendations are generated from 48 SNP values — over 8 million unique combinations. The interactive report generated is available for viewing on any device and has a printable PDF. This report includes utilization of nutrients and weight loss ability with diet and exercise. The food summary will tell you the percent of protein, fats and carbs you need based on your gene profile, as well as age, gender, height, current weight and activity level. The Genotype-Specific Content Library will give you informational videos and other media so you can learn more about how your body works.

Your client portal will register your kit and store all of your information in one easy place. You will see how to do the cheek swab and answer a questionnaire, then you will be on your way. You also have the excellent option of scheduling a call with a health expert to help you on your journey.

Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City provides wellness testing for individuals, including screening for most major health risks. There are no doctor’s orders, appointments, or insurance needed to visit our facility for accurate lab testing.


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