Do you have a grass allergy?


Grass allergy the source of your misery? Find out for sure.

Grass is beautiful, right?

Well – it depends. If you happen to be one of the many who suffer from a grass allergy it’s your nemesis.

Luckily, there is an allergy test that can determine if you are allergic to grass. Get to the source of your watery eyes and sneezing. Find out what’s triggering you with an allergy test.

What is grass allergy?

Grass allergy is also known as hay fever. In the Kansas City area, grass begins to pollinate in spring (between April and May.) It’s around this time that our lawns become greener and our noses and eyes become redder.

The positive to grass allergy? Typically grass does not have the same high pollen counts as other trees and plants.

The negative? Grass pollination season lasts over the course of several months – even through the end of July.

Symptoms of grass allergy.

Any of these things sound familiar? (especially when baseball season arrives)

  • itchy eyes
  • watery eyes
  • swollen eyes
  • runny nose

(In extreme cases – those with severe allergic reactions to grass may break out into hives upon contact.)

These are all signs you might suffer from grass allergy.

Surviving grass allergy.

An allergy test lets you know if you suffer from a grass allergy.

Unfortunately there is no “cure” for allergies – just methods to counter the symptoms.

Try some of these tips for coping with a grass allergy from Allergic Living:

  • Avoid mowing the lawn between May and July.
  • Close the windows.
  • Keep the lawn cut short.
  • Take a non-sedating antihistamine like Zyrtec and use nasal steroid spray.
  • Talk to an allergist about an allergy shot.

Allergies in Kansas City

Our region of the country is a prime spot for grass allergy.

If you’re looking for an easy, affordable place to get an allergy test – call any of our three Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City locations.

Request the test yourself!

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