Why Should You Get a Health Risk Assessment in 2019?

If asked, you would probably agree that your health ranks among your top priorities. But does this statement ring true when compared to how you actually live your life?

The average person usually isn’t up-to-date on their health, and after the glow of the New Year fades, it’s easy to let wellness goals go in favor of your old ways.

If you really want to prioritize your health, then you need to understand your health risks and overall wellness. The best way for you to do so is by taking a Health Risk Assessment.

Why Take a Health Risk Assessment?

You’ll See Your Overall Wellness Score

The Health Risk Assessment is an easy process from start to finish — you simply take a secure online survey to gauge your health. Your results will be tabulated and then reported back to you in an easy-to-comprehend format. The Health Risk Assessment will include an overall “health age” and a wellness score reflecting your fitness level, heart health, mental health, and dietary habits. With all of your health information packaged up neatly, you shouldn’t have a problem interpreting your results.

You’ll Learn Your Health Risk Factors

Your Health Risk Assessment will also include details about your health risk factors for serious medical conditions. Seeing your risk factors for diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease, and cancer will help you make the necessary lifestyle adjustments to lower your risk while you can.

You’ll Get Health & Lifestyle Recommendations

Any good Health Risk Assessment will also contain recommendations to help you improve your health — suggestions for adjusting your diet and exercise routine, for example, as well as other lifestyle changes you can make to raise your wellness. Additionally, it should include a medical follow-up report that prioritizes what health issues should be further discussed with your doctor. You’ll get even more tailored health advice when you share your Health Risk Assessment with your physician.

You’ll Be Able to Pick the Best Insurance Plan

Many people find the process of selecting a health plan to be daunting. Do you opt for a high deductible plan to reap the benefits of a low monthly premium, but run the risk of high costs if you get seriously ill? Or do you go for a low deductible plan which could cost lower long term, but come with higher monthly costs?

By getting a Health Risk Assessment, you can get a more accurate picture of your overall wellness, enabling you to make more-informed decisions about your health plan. Based on the risk factors and suggested lifestyle changes and medical treatments suggested by your HRA, you can determine if a low deductible plan is necessary or if a high deductible plan (generally best for young, healthy individuals) will suffice.

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