How Health Risk Assessments Can Help You

A health risk assessment is a health questionnaire that is used to provide individuals with an evaluation of their health risks. An HRA usually incorporates the following, an extended questionnaire, a risk calculation or score and feedback, like a face-to-face with a health advisor or an online report.

What Can a HRA Help to Identify

There many kinds of HRAs available for adults and children. For example, some targets are:

  • Demographics like age and sex
  • Lifestyle habits such as exercise, smoking, alcohol intake, diet
  • Personal and family medical history
  • Physiological information – weight, height, blood pressure, etc.
  • Attitudes, willingness to change behavior to improve health

In addition, Medicaid assessments ask questions about health-care access, availability of food, and living conditions. Medicare uses HRAs as part of their Annual Wellness Visit to identify those issues important to a senior’s health and well-being.

How You Can Take a HRA

HRAs are now taken online, however, other delivery methods include telephone, mail and in person.

Online HRAs include such advantages as:

  • Tailoring – online HRAs can adapt content based on how an individual answers their questionnaire. This creates personalized and interactive user experiences.
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Instant, relevant feedback

What does a HRA Really Tell Me?

  • Identify health risk factors
  • Predict costs related to health care
  • Evaluate how effective health promotions are and the strategy’s return on investment 

Keep in mind that however effective HRAs are in predicting and helping treat, they are not a replacement for a doctor’s diagnosis or treatment. HRAs are mostly a greta way to quickly identify what part of your health might be a little off, and help you to adjust and make healthier choices in your future. HRA are a great tool for promoting health and are primarily used to help identify health risks within a population and target health interventions and behavior change programs to address those areas.

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