Heart Disease Risk is Down Among Key Demographics 

The U.S government recently released statistics that suggest that heart disease risk factors are on the decline. That is good news as heart disease has long been the leading cause of death for men and women.

Understanding why heart disease risk is on the decline may be the key to ensuring that more people are limiting their risk of developing this life-threatening ailment.

Lowered Heart Disease Risk By the Numbers

Researchers discovered that while 10% of Americans older than 40 had coronary heart disease in the period between 2001 and 2002, that number had reduced to 8% by 2011-2012. The biggest change was not in individuals between the ages of 40 and 59. Rather, it was those who were 60 and older who showed significantly reduced heart disease risk. Their numbers in the first part of the study were at 19.5% but that number had dropped to 15% by 2011-2012.

Why Is Heart Disease Risk Dropping?

Scientists believe that several factors are contributing to the improved heart disease risk statistics. More people had insurance in 2011-2012, which may have meant closer monitoring of risk factors by doctors. Aggressive anti-smoking campaigns may also be proving to be successful.

Additionally, while high blood pressure and bad cholesterol remain rampant, people are getting better at controlling these problems.

Managing Heart Disease Risk

These statistics can improve if people take certain precautions with their health.

Maintaining a healthy weight is one way to do this. Being leaner frequently means lowering blood pressure, dropping cholesterol readings and putting less stress on the heart.

Also, when people quit smoking, their chances of developing coronary heart disease significantly decrease.

Simply by choosing a healthy diet, regular exercise and quality sleep, more people can live without putting themselves at increased risk for heart disease.

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