I Don’t Feel Well…

Ever have one of those feelings like something is “off?” You can’t put your finger on it, but you just don’t feel like yourself. Maybe you’re lacking the energy you once had, or you find yourself more hungry than usual. Subtle changes might not seem like they’re “doctor-worthy,” but you know something is up with your health. You’re just not sure what to do.


Want your thyroid checked? Request the test yourself!

Health Panels To Diagnose Your Health Concerns

One of the reasons I love my job is because I can offer solutions to these hard-to-identify problems. In the past you would have had to schedule a doctor’s appointment, convince him or her to send you for lab work and then possibly even spend weeks requesting the right test. By the time results returned, the headache of the process had completely overshadowed your initial concerns.

Nowadays, facilities like my Kansas City Test Smartly Labs offer wellness tests and comprehensive health panels to quickly get to the bottom of why you don’t feel well. Instead of having the doctor request one test, wait for results and then request another based on the outcome, we can run a bundle of tests to quickly deliver the information you seek. What’s even better is that you can come DIRECTLY to us for the test, no doctor’s prescription is required! Come tell us what you want to check and within only a few minutes we’ll have your blood and/or urine sample and return results of your lab work directly to you within days. You can take your lab results and see a physician for further treatment or monitoring if you choose, or you can monitor your own health.

Common Health Panels at Test Smartly Labs

While we can run any bundle of wellness test, here are some of the common health panels we do:

Women’s Health Panel

Women can request a general health panel to get a baseline for several blood counts and hormone levels. Some popular tests included in the women’s health panel include:  CBC (with differential), CMP, thyroid (TSH), cholesterol screening, vitamin D testing and hormone levels. We also offer pregnancy tests and menopause screening panels.

Men’s Health Panel

Men can also request a general panel for a comprehensive overview of their health. Some common tests included in a men’s health panel include:  PSA (prostate), testosterone levels, blood sugar, cholesterol screening, thyroid (TSH), CMP and vitamin D.

Allergy Panels

If you know you suffer from allergies, but have no clue what you are allergic to, an allergy panel can help. A series of specific allergy tests can be run to identify exactly what is causing your itchy eyes, congestion, sore throat and more. From testing environmental pollutants, molds, grasses and more – an allergy test will identify the allergen that is making you miserable.

STD Panels

Occurrence of STDs is at an all-time high and continues to rise. If you’re sexually active (especially if you’ve been with multiple partners or with someone you know has an STD), it’s wise to have an STD panel performed. Rather than testing for one specific STD, a panel will test for the most commonly transmitted diseases, even those that lie dormant with no signs or symptoms.

Wellness Tests in Kansas City

This is just a short list of some popular panels requested at our labs. We can run virtually any lab test, no doctor’s note required and no questions asked.

Need a wellness test or health panel? Contact our Kansas City lab for your wellness test today!

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