Importance of Children’s Vaccinations

New Vaccination Law in California Highlights Importance of School-Aged Vaccination

The decision to vaccinate is an important one that all parents must make. California recently followed Mississippi and West Virginia as the third state to legally require parents to vaccinate their children, with medical reasons as the sole exception. This decision means that parents in California will no longer be able to cite religious or personal convictions as an exemption from vaccination. The bill was introduced after a measles outbreak, which started at Disneyland, hit 136 individuals in California, sending 20% of those affected to be hospitalized.children's vaccination

Although this decision was met with some backlash from opponents, many in the medical community applaud this law as a triumph for public health. Many officials hope this move will inspire other states to adopt similar laws to help combat preventable diseases. Reportedly, two-thirds of Californians support the decision, and many health organizations support the bill. Organizations including the California Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, California State PTA, California Immunization Coalition, and the California Children’s Hospital Association all endorsed the bill.

Protecting Your Children’s Health

When preparing to go back to school, it’s important that parents make the choice to follow medically-recommended vaccination schedule, not only for their kids’ health, but also for school enrollment purposes. Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City provides the following vaccinations:

  • Flu shot
  • TDap
  • MMR

Test Smartly Labs of Overland Park also provides titers testing, which parents can use to prove kids’ immunity in the case of misplaced vaccination records.

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