Why Invest in Biometric Screenings for Your Business?

Many businesses recognize the importance of workplace wellness, but limit their program to educational components like lunch and learns or health fairs.

While giving your employees the general information they need to stay healthy is undoubtedly important, it’s also key that you provide them with specific knowledge about their personal health, too. You can do so with biometric screenings.

When people think of biometric screenings, common lab tests such as cholesterol panels, blood pressure, and blood sugar come to mind. But that’s not all your biometric screenings can include. Test Smartly Labs of Overland Park offers a variety of additional screenings and components, ranging from allergy and deficiency testing and cancer screening to nicotine testing and the flu vaccine!

With customizable biometric screenings, you can provide tailored workplace wellness initiatives that benefit not only your employees’ health, but your business’ wellbeing, too! Here’s how.

Biometric Screenings: Good for Employee Health & Your Business!

Add the Flu Shot & Protect Your Workplace

One of the easiest ways to make your employee biometric screenings more effective at boosting employee health is by adding a flu shot component. As we’ve said before, the flu can wreak havoc on your workplace; by providing on-site flu shots, you can help ensure more of your workforce is protected. If you’re an Overland Park or greater Kansas City business, call (913) 815-0988 today to schedule your on-site vaccinations!

Real Numbers = Real MotivationOverland Park | Why Invest in Biometric Screenings for Your Business?

Employees will be more motivated to tackle their health issues if they have concrete numbers in front of them. With biometric screenings, your workers will know their cholesterol and blood pressure levels, heart health, diabetes risk, and more. They’ll be more inclined to participate in fitness or nutritional components of your workplace wellness program with this information in hand, because potential health risks will seem more real and immediate.

Get Lower Insurance Rates

Providing biometric screenings may net you lower insurance premiums depending upon your provider. Plus, as your employees learn their numbers and work harder to get healthy, they should incur fewer medical costs, which will help keep your insurance costs minimal. Further customizing your screening program with components like the flu shot and cotinine or nicotine testing can drive the costs even lower!

Provide Biometric Screenings at Your Business

Want to save your business money and better yet, improve your employees’ health? Call (913) 815-0988 to discuss customizable biometric screenings by Test Smartly Labs of Overland Park!


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