It Could Be The Most Important Test Of Your Life

Advancements in STD testing have made screening more effective.

Regardless of why you might find yourself in a situation where you are considering STD or HIV testing, take the test. It could be the most important test of your life as it allows you to start treatment as early as possible if you do test positive, prevent the spread of the disease to others or just have peace of mind if you test negative. The stress and anxiety is simply too much when thorough, easy, affordable testing is often available locally.

Better Testing

Time unfortunately is a factor when it comes to STD screening. Depending on the disease it can take 24-48 hours for symptoms to present. HIV can take months and other diseases might not present symptoms for quite some time. Testing however has gotten better over the years and certain rapid screens are available. Additional follow-up may be required depending on the potential disease.

When to Get Tested

There are several risk factors you should consider when thinking about STD screening. If you are sexually active under the age of  25, over age of 25 with new or multiple partners, are male with male partner(s), notice any change in genitalia, experience unexplained abdominal pain or fevers or simply become concerned you’ve been exposed – you should get tested. Screening often for STDs is important as those who are exposed are at greater risk for becoming infected with additional STDs, including HIV.

Stay STD Free

The only 100% sure way to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy and STDs is by practicing abstinence. Additionally, a monogamous, committed relationship where both partners are free of STDs is an ideal situation for couples. Using contraceptives should be a priority for those who are sexually active as it will offer some level of protection. However, contraceptives offer no guarantees and their effectiveness can diminish based on improper use and the type of STD present.

Where To Get Tested

If you are looking for effective, thorough, private STD testing, local labs offer a full range of services and screens that are not included in a regular doctor’s exam. By running an array of tests, you can have the knowledge and hopefully peace of mind when it comes to your health. All results are confidential and flexible scheduling is available.

If STD screening is something you’ve been considering, take the test. It could very well be the most important test you ever take.

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