KCMO Health Dept. Ridding Homes of Lead Paint

Over half of the homes in Kansas City, Missouri were built before 1978, which means there’s a higher chance they were painted with lead-based paint. This March, the KCMO Health Department is offering free services to rid homes of dangerous lead paint. They are offering free home repair by certified, licensed contractors, mainly painting and window replacement. Homeowners won’t pay a thing, and if you rent the property owner will pay 25 percent of the repair costs.

Rid Your Home of Lead Paint

The city has received a $3 million grant from the Housing and Urban Development department to reach as many homes as possible. The projected reach is 125 properties but the KCMO Health Department is hoping to stretch the budget to reach more families.

Signs of Lead Paint

  • A chipping pattern that has the striations (stripes) that make it chip in straight lines and squares it typical of lead paint.
  • Lead paint is usually found on window sills, siding, trim, and doors.

Lead Paint Associated Health Issues

Lead paint can cause learning disabilities, organ damage, and other complications in children. The risk for these health problems increases if they live in poverty and have poor nutrition.

Protect Your Children

Kids living in certain zip codes in KC are more likely to have high lead levels in their blood. The health department said kids’ levels should not be over a “5.” Kids, especially toddlers, are at the highest risk of being exposed to lead paint. Kids that have just started walking need things to hold onto, like window sills and doorways. However, these are places where they may take a rest and begin to suck or chew on the paint, leading to higher exposure than simply touching.

Zip Codes Affected:

  • 64109
  • 64110
  • 64123
  • 64124
  • 64127
  • 64128
  • 64130
  • 64132
  • 64134

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