Know Your Numbers: Glucose

Anyone else hear the word “glucose” and immediately think of the scene in Men in Black where Edgar requests sugar water? No, just me?

Made of sugar?

Suspicions tell me that if our friend Edgar (really an alien disguised in this woman’s husband’s body) would have taken a glucose test, blood sugar levels would have been extremely high.

And although you probably aren’t an alien with “skin hanging off your bones” – your blood sugar levels could be high, too. Even if you don’t request spoonfuls of sugar in every drink.

Testing for blood sugar

If you remember from our diabetes post, the body produces insulin to transform sugar into good stuff like energy. If you become pre-diabetic or diabetic, the body will not know how to respond to sugar levels in the body. Also, some are not diabetic but their bodies do not properly process sugar.  Too much sugar (or too little sugar) can also cause health problems.


Are you made of sugar? A glucose test will find out.

What is a normal glucose level?

Glucose testing is performed to see if you have too much or too little sugar in your blood. You need to fast prior to the test so that the sugar content of previous meals does not impact test results. Here are the normal levels for a glucose test:

  • Normal glucose range: 80-120
  • Ideal glucose levels are under 130

What if my glucose levels are not normal?

If your glucose levels come back below or above normal levels, that can indicate hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia. Neither one of these conditions equals diabetes, but there are recommended diets you can follow so that your blood sugar levels stay healthy.

If tests are not normal, additional tests may need performed to either diagnose or rule out a pre-diabetes or diabetes condition.

Looking for a glucose test?

If you’re in Kansas City and want to have a glucose test performed, contact any of our three Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City  locations. We do NOT require insurance. You don’t need doctor’s orders. Just let us know when you want to come in and we’ll let you know what you need to do.

We guarantee we won’t make you drink sugar water, either.

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