Do You Need the Measles Vaccine?

August is Immunization Awareness Month, which means that now is the perfect time to get your family all caught up on your immunizations if you aren’t already. After all, while babies and pre-school aged children do receive the vast majority of immunizations, they aren’t the only ones who need them. Even as an adult, you may still need to get important vaccines, such as the measles vaccine.

Here’s how to know whether a visit to the doctor is in order.

Do You Need the Measles Vaccine?

Are You in an At-Risk Population?Overland Park | Do You Need the Measles Vaccine?

While anyone could potentially get measles at any time, some populations are at a higher risk than others. These people include college students, people who work in the medical field and people who travel. These people should all be sure to get the measles vaccine if they haven’t done so already. Women of childbearing age should be sure to get the MMR vaccine due to the health risk that rubella poses to unborn babies.

Children & the Measles Vaccine

Children are routinely given the measles vaccine as well. This is not because they are at an increased risk of catching measles, but because it is good to offer them immunity to the disease before they will need it. The recommended ages for children to receive the measles vaccine are anytime from 12 months to 15 months and anytime from four years to six years. Parents should not worry if they miss this window, however. As long as the doses are more than 28 days apart, the vaccine offers a 95 percent lifetime effectiveness rate.

Who Doesn’t Need to Get Vaccinated?

There are some instances when the measles vaccine is probably unnecessary, however. If you are immune to measles and have proof through a blood test, if you already had two doses of the MMR vaccine, or if you had one dose of the measles vaccine and you are at a low risk of exposure, you do not need another measles vaccine. Also, if you are a man or a woman born before 1957, you do not need the measles vaccine.

Unsure if You’ve Received Your Measles Vaccine?

If you’ve lost your vaccination records or you’re just not sure whether you’ve receive the measles vaccine, Test Smartly Labs of Overland Park can help. Our titers test shows if you are protected against the measles and other vaccine-preventable infections.

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