Menopause Awareness Month

All women know that at some point they will enter menopause. This life stage has become the target for countless jokes and stories. The truth is, however, that women experience very real and uncomfortable symptoms during menopause. The body undergoes serious changes in this stage of life — women should understand the basics of menopause in order to prepare for a healthy and comfortable experience.

In honor of menopause awareness month, we’re outlining common menopause symptoms to help women identify what they may be experiencing. This list also serves as education for women who have not yet experienced menopause.

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Early Menopause Symptoms

Several signs may start appearing at the early stages of menopause. Symptoms may be physiological or physical. We’ll list and explain several of the common indicators that menopause is approaching.

Vasomotor instability, aka hot flashes

The most talked-about trait of menopausal women is technically named “vasomotor instability.” You know this well as hot flashes. This refers to the body struggling to regulate its internal temperature. Night sweats and hot flashes are early signs for many women.

Joint pain

Women often begin to have significant joint pain and back problems during menopause. This may be connected to the onset of osteoporosis in some women.

Dry, itchy skin

Many women notice dry skin at the beginning of menopause, and this symptom often continues.

Psychological changes

Women begin to notice a variety of mental changes as menopause progresses. Some common menopause symptoms include depression, memory loss, insomnia and mental fatigue.

No Experience The Same

All women are different — each woman faces different experiences with menopause symptoms. Be aware that you may have few of these signs, but you may have more. Your experience will be unique — these common signs may indicate that you are beginning to experience menopause. As we observe menopause awareness month, we encourage all women to take care of their health and educate themselves.

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