Missouri Flu Season: H1N1 Strain Dominates

Each week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) releases its findings on influenza activity so that people can track the prevalence and spread of the disease. The CDC’s recent findings indicate what local doctors, parents, teachers, and patients have probably already guessed — that as temperatures are plummeting, Missouri’s flu season is peaking.

Missouri’s Flu Season Out in Full-Force

The CDC’s findings reveal that influenza-like illnesses (ILI) are “high” in twenty states, including Missouri and its neighboring states Kansas, Illinois, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, and nearby states Texas, Louisiana, Colorado, Alabama, and Indiana. Overall, the number of states with high ILI levels has increased from 5 states in late November 2013 to 20 in late December 2013. As a member of region 7, Missouri has an elevated level of out-patient ILI, a 24.7% rate of testing positive for flu, and 4 of 4 jurisdictions reporting widespread activity. This means that it’s likely that you, your children, your coworkers, and even strangers at the grocery store have come into contact with influenza or influenza-like illnesses — which increases your risk of contracting these diseases.

Stop the Flu: Get Your Flu Shot Today!

Test Smartly Labs of North Kansas City | H1N1 Flu Shot | Flu Vaccine | ImmunizationIn the United States, this year’s dominant flu strain is H1N1 — the culprit behind 2009-2010’s international pandemic. According to the CDC, around 284,000 people died worldwide during the last H1N1 outbreak. Unlike last year’s H3N2 strain that primarily affected older people, H1N1 causes serious illness and even death in younger children and middle-aged adults. So far, 6 children have already died from H1N1 — and with the flu season on the up swing, more illness and even fatalities are expected.

Luckily, if you have already been immunized this year, you have sufficient protection against H1N1, since the 2013-14 flu vaccine contains the H1N1 strain. But if your workplace didn’t include a flu shot in its wellness program, people at your office are at risk for catching H1N1 and spreading it to your families. If you are exhibiting flu-like symptoms, see a doctor now — H1N1 is not yet resistant to antivirals like Tamiflu, and if you begin treatment within 2 days of catching the flu you are more likely to recover.

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