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Open enrollment used to give us a headache too…

For many of you, open enrollment forms were due the day before Thanksgiving. HR brought in the pros as they tried to explain the huge benefits of having yet another health plan that was higher in cost and created more out-of-pocket expenditures for you. Yay! As much as they try to rally your team, the fact is that just about everyone is seeing spikes in health care costs. From those with independent plans to those with the “best” in corporate America – one thing is unanimous – healthcare is NOT cheap. And it’s not getting any better.

Open Enrollment Headaches

If looking through plans, deductibles, co-pays and other features of your health coverage during open enrollment gives you a headache and requires that you take Tums before bed each night, we have some good news. While we cannot make your $2,500 or $5,000 deductible go away, we do offer services that are so affordable, you really don’t even need insurance to cover them. Test Smartly Labs is growing like crazy around the country because we are meeting a big need – affordable lab testing. We can run any test a doctor prescribes at our local lab for a fraction of what it would cost to send it through the “traditional” medical circuit. We have the same gear, the same technology and the same protocols as the hospital – we just charge what it actually costs and avoid spiking the price and sending it through insurance all together.

Price-shopping lab work

If you’re trying to figure out how to make “cents” of your healthcare budget this year, consider budgeting for Test Smartly Labs visits. We don’t even charge a co-pay. We can accept your HSA or FSA. Come in and request a test (you can ask us to run what your doctor recommended OR request any test you’d like run – no doctor’s script needed.) For a very affordable, one-time fee we’ll run the test and you keep the results. This is helping many who do not want to pay “full price” on their simple blood draw until they hit their $2,500 deductible. There are other options for you.

With healthcare reform, we expect to see even more individuals come to Test Smartly Labs and request lab work. The cost of healthcare has simple gotten out of control. We’re hopping into the game and offering a way to still put your health and wellness first – yet no go broke at the same time.

Visit any of our Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City locations: Overland Park, KS, Lawrence, KS and Kansas City, MO. Call (913) 815-0988 with any questions.

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