National STD Rates are Rising: How Can You Protect Yourself?

According to the CDC, national rates of syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia cases have risen for the fourth year in a row. In 2017, almost 2.3 million cases were diagnosed with one of these three STDs. That number breaks the 2016 record by more than 200,000 cases. In light of this public health crisis, what can you do to ensure that you are staying safe? Test Smartly Labs has some recommendations of steps you can take to avoid joining this troubling statistic.  Continue reading “National STD Rates are Rising: How Can You Protect Yourself?” »

The Powassan Virus: What Is It & How Can I Prevent It?


Powassan (POW) virus is a rare, but often serious disease that is spread by infected ticks. POW virus is one of a group of arthropod-borne viruses (arboviruses) that can cause swelling of the brain. The virus was first recognized in the small town of Powassan, Ontario in 1958. Due to its ability to cause encephalitis, it was and still is considered a very serious tick-borne illness. Continue reading “The Powassan Virus: What Is It & How Can I Prevent It?” »

September is Newborn Screening Awareness Month


Newborn screening in the United States began in the 1960s. In September, the newborn screening community rallies together around the principle that all babies deserve a healthy start.  Continue reading “September is Newborn Screening Awareness Month” »

National Breastfeeding Awareness Month


August is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month! The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is funding a breastfeeding campaign in the hopes that it will empower women to consider committing to breastfeeding. Science shows that babies who are exclusively breastfed for six months are less likely to develop ear infections, diarrhea, and respiratory illnesses, as well as childhood obesity. Continue reading “National Breastfeeding Awareness Month” »

Stress Management Tools for Employees

There are many common signs of stress that can become immediately apparent around the office if you know where to look. Employees may engage in arguments with each other. You may notice more weary faces. Employees may take more sick time to go to the doctor or just stay home for a day. All of these signs point to an office in desperate need of some stress management.  Continue reading “Stress Management Tools for Employees” »

How is Synthetic Marijuana Becoming a National Crisis?

Spice. K2. Mr. Happy. No matter the catchy name, there is a killer running rampant in our nation. Synthetic marijuana is becoming more than a bad habit; in July, 300 people overdosed in Washington D.C. due to tainted synthetic marijuana. On August 15th, over 70 people overdosed in New Haven because of the drug. What does this mean for our nation?  Continue reading “How is Synthetic Marijuana Becoming a National Crisis?” »

How Can Women Prevent Top Health Risks?

Too many women believe that many of the most common health risks are inevitable. The reality is that women have much more control over their well-being than they think they do.
When women understand their common health risks, they can be more proactive about managing their health and preventing the risks from taking over their lives.

Continue reading “How Can Women Prevent Top Health Risks?” »

Staying On Top of Allergies

From a sudden and tragic death at summer camp to peanut allergies to a bill passed by the House, we’ve seen allergy stories of every kind. Continue reading “Staying On Top of Allergies” »

Vaccinating Your Kids Before They Go Back to School in Kansas City

Vaccinations are an essential part of a child’s health, growth, and development. In order to keep students, teachers, and staff safe, Kansas and Missouri have strict guidelines regarding immunizations that every child must have before he or she attends school. Since it’s National Immunization Awareness Month, and school is back in session, parents need to be wary of local immunization requirements! Continue reading “Vaccinating Your Kids Before They Go Back to School in Kansas City” »

College Students: Read This Before You Go Back to School

As August progresses, many KC teens are getting ready to start college or return back to campuses across the country. There are many things to think about, such as class schedules, football games, and seeing friends. Whether you go to school in Kansas City or attend a distant school, it’s important to include health and safety on your school checklist.  Continue reading “College Students: Read This Before You Go Back to School” »