Parents: It’s Time for Fall Allergy Testing!

Fall Allergies

Though you may be trying to hold onto the last bit of summer, fall is right around the corner!

For many families, this means settling the kids into school and the busy schedule that accompanies the season: after-school activities, concerts, parent-teacher conferences, homework, and the like.

There’s another thing we think every parent should add to the docket: getting your child allergy testing this fall.

Why Fall Allergy Testing?

Autumn Allergens Can Trigger Coughs & Colds

While it’s true that spring allergies can cause a lot of grief, fall allergens are nothing to scoff at, either.

In Missouri and Kansas, ragweed is a big fall allergy culprit. 10-20% of the US population is allergic to this pollen, which is released starting in August but continues into October or November depending on how severe the season

Your child’s ragweed allergy may not be apparent because symptoms are similar to that of the common cold – sneezing, runny noses, and the like. This means that treatments your doctors prescribe may not work, or may actually be overkill, which can cost you more money. And if left untreated, these fall allergies can turn into sinus infections as the nasal cavities get too stuffed up.

Allergy testing is a quick and accurate way to see if it’s an allergen causing your kid’s cold-like symptoms. And once you know if they’re allergic to things like ragweed, you can develop an allergy treatment plan to help keep your kiddo feeling good in the fall!

Food Allergy Testing for School Days & Halloween

Food allergies should also be of concern to parents during the school year. Kids can be exposed to a variety of foods in the school cafeteria, and if they happen to be allergic, their reactions can vary widely, from itchiness to anaphylaxis.

In addition to coming into contact with allergens like peanuts or gluten in school, your kids are also exposed to these at Halloween. Many candies contain wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, and other allergy-causing foods. It’s a good idea to have your child tested for common food allergies before Halloween so they won’t ingest anything potentially harmful.

Staying Healthy With Test Smartly Labs of Overland Park

Thanks to the quick and painless process of allergy testing at our Overland Park facility, you can keep your kiddo feeling great this fall! We offer food allergy testing as well as testing for common environmental allergens. Our wide range of available panels and profiles allows you to choose one test or bundle a few to save money. And while you’re there, we can even give your kiddo a flu shot to protect them from the upcoming flu season!

To learn more about our services, stop in today (no appointment needed) or call  (913) 815-0988 today.

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