Pre-Birth Paternity Testing – No Amnio needed

Isn’t technology amazing? And I’m not just talking about the fact most of us walk around with a computer in our pockets… although that’s one great development as of late. What I’m talking about is the scientific discoveries and new tests that are created every day to extend our life, reduce our risks of premature deaths and avoid discomfort. And one of coolest new technologies now offered at Test Smartly Labs is non-invasive pre-birth testing.


You can know paternity before you give birth through a non-invasive paternity test.

Know the Father BEFORE the Baby is Born

Traditionally, paternity tests are performed after a baby has been born. The mother, father and child all head into the lab for DNA testing that will identify if the presumed father really is the daddy. However there are circumstances where a woman needs to know paternity during pregnancy. Issues of paternity don’t only come up if a woman has had multiple sexual partners and wants to determine the father before the baby arrives, but the testing is also needed if a situation of rape or violence is involved.

Typically a pre-birth paternity test is very invasive. Amniotic fluid is extracted from the womb and tested for DNA. Not only has this procedure carried potential risks to the unborn child, but it wasn’t exactly comfortable for the pregnant woman, either. However the new pre-birth testing technology allows us to remove the risk AND discomfort.

Pre-Birth Testing WITHOUT Amnio

New technology allows us to take a blood draw from the mother in order to test DNA. There are traces of the baby’s DNA in the bloodstream of the mother, and these can now be extracted out and compared against an alleged father. Because it’s a simple blood draw, there’s no risk to the baby. And, the entire test from start-to-finish is non-invasive… no check-ups are needed… just a quick poke and you’re done. If you’re questioning the paternity of your unborn child, don’t wait to find out. Easy answers are just a phone call away. (Or, you can actually just walk into our lab and request the test.)

Need to know the father of your unborn baby?

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