Run a 5K With the Office | Employee Wellness

Physical activity is one essential pillar of employee wellness. When your employees are physically active, they are more likely to be productive, content and healthy!  Often, those who engage in regular physical activity report increased alertness, higher energy levels and an overall well-being. Plus, cholesterol levels may be lower and heart disease screenings and cancer screenings can be  up-to-date with employee wellness screenings.

Anyone remember this episode of The Office when the team runs a 5K for rabies?


There are dozens of ways to help your employees increase physical activity – during work hours and at home. We can’t wait to cover many of those tips in the blog. But today we’ll focus on one tip to get your employees moving – run a 5K race together.

Participate in 5K Races as an Office

One way to get your employees moving, and unify your workplace, is through a 5K. This is also a great way to get your office involved the community and support causes that your employees care about.

Looking for a 5K? Ask your employees if they know of any they want to do – or visit for a directory of 5K races near you!

5K races and runs are organized for hundreds of different causes from cancer to childhood obesity, even crisis pregnancy. These events serve as a great way to raise money and awareness. They’re also a perfect way to get your employees moving. If you’re interested in having your office do a 5K together, here are some ideas to “rally the troops”

Ensure that Walking the 5K is Allowed

Some of your employees will hear “5K” and automatically be opposed to the idea because “they don’t run.” Guarantee them that walking is allowed. And if that’s not an option, give them the job of taking pictures of the group and cheering on the team at the finish line.

Invite the Families to the 5K

A great way to get office participation is to invite the families to join your employee team! If your staff can come out to the event with their spouses and kids, it will be a more enjoyable time for everyone involved.

Offer Training Hours During the Work Day

If your serious about increasing physical activity levels among employees, consider offering time each week where employees can train for the 5K. If you can afford to let them build this time into their work day, they’re more likely to participate and be healthier.

If your Facility Allows, Consider Adding Showers

We know this is impossible for some employers. However, if your facility allows, consider investing in showers so that employees who work out over the lunch hour, or during company time, have a way to get cleaned up and get back to work quickly and conveniently.

Match the Donations, or Offer to Pay Registration Fees

If your supporting a cause that your entire office, or staff, supports, consider getting involved in the fundraising side of the 5K event, too. You can also pay for employee registrations if you’re really pushing for everyone to be involved. The event will naturally raise money through your registration fees. However, you can create incentive programs for those on your team who raise additional funds for the event. Consider prizes to raise extra money, or even a match program where your company matches donations that come in.

Offer Helpful Training Tips and Advice

There are great online training tips and advice for anyone getting into running. Offer these resources to your employees. A few great starting points:

How to Train for your First 5K

Couch to 5K program (free!)

Make sure the “boss” is Involved in the 5K

Last, make sure that the top leadership is involved in the 5K and behind the effort. When the boss takes part and is involved in employee wellness, the employees will respond. Lead by demonstration, and make sure the boss, and/or the family of the boss, is involved. Your employees will be more likely to participate and feel encouraged in this wellness effort.

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