Why Self-Directed Health Testing?

Many people nationwide, not just here in the Kansas City metro, will admit that regular well checks aren’t made much of a priority in their lives.

The busyness of daily life plus the high cost of healthcare — from co-pays, insurance premiums, and out-of-pocket costs — have kept people from doing the very thing that will save them money down the line: monitoring their health.

Test Smartly Labs of Overland Park has a solution. We empower you to pursue self-directed health testing at our Kansas City facility.

Here are some reasons why pursuing clinical testing without a prescription is good for your wellness.

Why Self-Directed Health Testing at Test Smartly Labs?

No Insurance, No Problem

Many people avoid going to the doctor because they don’t have insurance or they don’t want to fork over out-of-pocket costs and co-pays.

Test Smartly Labs of Overland Park can serve you even if you don’t have insurance. If you have symptoms and want to rule out different medical conditions or you simply want to know your cholesterol levels, we can provide the health tests you need.

No Germy Waiting Rooms

Another reason many people prefer our self-directed testing options? We don’t require appointments and our clean, comfortable waiting rooms aren’t full of sick people in line to see the doctor. Research has shown that going to the doctor’s office for well visits can actually make kids get sick — and the same is true of adults. Our quick service enables you to know your key numbers without getting exposed to nasty germs.

Bundle Tests to Save Costs

One of the downsides to visiting the doctor is the trial and error approach. Patients can present symptoms that can be indicative of several conditions, and physicians conduct several rounds of tests to rule out certain diseases. This can lead to many rounds of blood draws, which can be costly and inconvenient.

At Test Smartly Labs of Overland Park, we offer a range of comprehensive health testing panels and profiles. Our health tests are bundled to save you costs and find answers sooner. Rather than having you come back over and over to find out what is ailing you, we can provide more information from the start thanks to our panels of health tests.

Know Your Numbers

Take charge of your health with self-directed testing at Test Smartly Labs of Overland Park. Our basic health tests can provide baseline numbers (your cholesterol, heart health, hormone levels, etc.), identify allergies, help determine the root of your fatigue, and much more.
Learn more about self-directed health tests at our Kansas City facility by calling (913) 815-0988 today.


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