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Test Smartly Labs offers up-front, transparent lab work pricing.

As health care costs rise, so does the consumer demand to find affordable options. Not everyone has the luxury of affording a co-pay or high deductible with little or no sacrifice. Many who need health care find their bank accounts emptied by high costs and little coverage – or coverage that doesn’t kick in until thousands of dollars later.

This kind of growing demand has created some of the websites below. It appears as though medical professionals are also feeling the pain; consumers unable to afford their co-pays or deducible simply don’t go to the doctor. Doctors are finding ways to get patients back to the office. We’re curious to see if more of these sites that let patients “shop” for a doctor and even get special deals and rates pop up as the health care landscape continues to reform.

Health In Reach

This website lets you compare licensed medical professionals in your area and even get special savings for website members. According to Health in Reach:

There are more than 1.6 million appointments available at Health In Reach and we offer descriptions and prices for nearly 50,000 specific procedures… By grouping self-paying patients, Health In Reach allows doctors to pass these savings to people who book appointments here.”

New Choice Health

Started by a family who was shocked at the medical costs of scans and testing only to find that after the fact, they could have saved thousands by using a provider down the street. According to their website,

With you can easily locate medical facilities, compare estimated costs, and request a no-obligation quote from participating medical facilities for common procedures such as MRIs, CT Scans, Mammograms, and more.”

Out of Pocket

This website keeps consumers updated on how to get transparency on healthcare costs. Regular blog articles keep abreast on news regarding healthcare pricing and regulation.

Up-Front Healthcare Pricing

All three of these sites demand up-front pricing for medical services. The growing demand of consumers is that before they visit a doctor or are admitted to a facility – they want to know what it’s going to cost them. And we don’t blame them.

For those desiring lab work, Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City offers easy, transparent pricing with no hassle or questions. Because we’re a walk-in clinic that doesn’t deal with insurance, you can walk in and pay cash for your lab test. The best part – it’s affordable.

To learn about our prices for lab work, please contact us.

Any of our Kansas City ARCpoint Lab locations are ready and eager to assist you save money when it comes to your lab work.

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