Skip the Scrip: Order Lab Work Yourself

Walk into your nearest Walgreens or CVS, and you’ll experience the latest growing trend in the healthcare market: direct-to-consumer healthcare services. No longer does having your throat checked for strep require an appointment with your physician, or even waiting for hours at urgent care. Now, you can go to your local “walk-in” clinic at your pharmacy retailer and leave with a prescription to get you back on your feet in a matter of days. This growing trend of patient’s taking healthcare into their own hands isn’t only stepping on the general practice toes; it’s flooding into every area of health care, including the lab work industry.

Making your Own Choices about Health Care

Blame it on the mistrust of malpractice, or even the growing availability of healthcare knowledge through the internet, but consumers are taking their health into their own hands. No longer does everyone follow the “traditional healthcare” rules and act as their physician recommends. Nowadays,  people are more educated and making their own decisions. They are turning to nutritionists, chiropractors, alternative medicine specialists, and even stand-alone laboratories to make their own health care decisions and plan their own course of treatment.

Consumer-Requested Wellness Panels

In the past few years, we’ve seen a boom in the demand for wellness panels. Just as Walgreens and CVS offer convenient medical screenings, walk-in labs offer the same convenience for those needing lab work. For the consumer that doesn’t feel well, but doesn’t want to have a physician in-between, walk-in labs are perfect. The patient walks into the lab, requests several tests to be done, and gets results in no time. The lab can perform any blood, urine and saliva test including:

  • hormone levels
  • cholesterol levels
  • glucose levels
  • blood counts
  • vitamin levels
  • allergies (see if your allergic to grass, mold, pollen, etc.)
  • family gene testing
  • STD testing
  • DNA tests
  • HIV testing
  • many, many more.

Many times, we see cases where our customers come in to run the tests the doctors won’t request for them – or tests that they prefer not to have listed on their medical records.

Services of Independent Labs

Independent labs, such as Test Smartly Labs, can run any type of blood test, lab work, or wellness panel that a doctor requests; the capabilities are the same as any hospital. Because there is no overhead, independent labs are much cheaper. There are no co-pays, and our labs do not process insurance claims. Independent labs are a great resource for those who do not have insurance, yet need medical tests. It’s also a great outlet for those with high deductible plans who are generally healthy but need a quick test performed. Independent labs can also fill a prescription for lab work that any doctor writes.

Is Requesting your own Lab Work Legal?

Using an independent, walk-in lab is very legal and safe, as long as you follow up with your regular physician for routine scans and health checks. Test Smartly Labs is a great outlet for anyone who’s curious about their blood work but doesn’t want to go through the whole process of seeing a physician for something minor. We’re the perfect solution for those who need quality lab results with control over the choices.


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