Spring Allergy Testing: What To Look Out for in Kansas City

If it seems that you are sneezing your way into the spring, then you may want to look at potential issues with allergies. This causes your health to deteriorate through fatigue, discomfort, sneezing and swelling.

There are special types of allergies in Kansas City and the Midwest, many which have multiplied this year. Knowing what to look for and getting allergy testing can help you to prepare for the season so you can enjoy the spring!

The Budding of Trees and Plants

The bright colors of spring introduce the liveliness of trees coming back from the winter. For those with allergies, this may equate to sneezing and swelling, especially in the Midwest. As trees bloom, pollen begins to spread from the buds and new flowers. Mold on the bark, occurring from melting snow and ice, also adds into unique issues. Allergy testing in your region can help you to stay away from trees that may not bring the comfort and warmth of spring that you are interested in.

Comparing Allergies to the Past

The unique Midwest allergies that are in the region can be compared to other years that have produced different results. In 2015, pollen and mold were measured at 5,000 with outdoor allergy testing, more than past years. When there is a lighter winter with not as much snow, pollen begins to breed sooner, leading to an early spring. This offers more time for the buds of spring to develop, as well as higher amounts of responses from those who become irritated from the changing weather.

Preparing for the Season

While the Midwest has the unique flavors of Spring in the air, there are measures you can take to not remain affected by the pollen and mold. Allergy testing in your home or surrounding neighborhood can help you to remain protected. Sleeping with your windows closed, going out earlier in the morning and making sure that you wash pollen from your face and hair at night will slow down and stop the allergies. You can also receive allergy testing and over the counter medicines to stop the pollen from creating issues with health.

Allergy Testing in Kansas City

Test Smartly Labs of Greater Kansas City provides quick and accurate allergy testing. We can test for a wide variety of allergens, including most environmental allergens that are pesky in the spring.

Our five convenient metro area locations –Lee’s Summit, Overland Park, Kansas City (downtown or in the Northland), and our newest location in Independence – make us the ideal choice for quick allergy testing, no appointment or doctor’s orders needed.

To learn more about allergy testing at Test Smartly Labs, call (913) 815-0988 today!

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