Stay Healthy This Holiday Season


Holiday food is lusted after all year, no one can wait for that first piece of pumpkin pie or thick slab of glazed ham, but with mouth-watering deliciousness come anxiety about health and weight. Many Americans don’t know that they gain about a pound during the holidays and for those already overweight the average gain is about five pounds, and most people will not lose it.

Stay in Balance

When you know you will be eating foods like sugary sweets, alcohol and meats, make sure to have plenty of foods like healthy greens. Swap out heavier dishes like mashed potatoes for a mixture of potato and pureed cauliflower, cutting your starchy carbs in half while tasting just the same.

Going for Broke

You don’t need to eat everything on the table because they are “seasonal” foods. There is a tendency to want to try everything, and by try you mean two, even if it’s not your favorite. Skip those sugar cookies that are just “okay” and fully enjoy your very favorite piece of pie instead.


One of the most important parts of sticking to a healthier lifestyle and not a fad diet is portion sizes. It is super simple, yet regularly overlooked. Simply look at the nutritional information on the package or do a quick internet search. And remember, it is possible to gain weight on a healthy diet. It’s all about calories in versus calories out, so don’t forget to get the family out for a pickup football game or walk around the neighborhood.


Forgo the eggnog and alternate your wine or champagne with sparkling water. This two simple tips will keep the unnecessary calories away and stave of dehydration, which will make you feel hungry when you are just thirsty.

Above all, pay attention. Be conscious about when you are eating and drinking. The point of all these gatherings is not the food, it’s the people so talk to your friends and family, don’t spend your time scoping out the snacks.

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