3 Simple Ways to Stay Healthy at the Office

Spending eight plus hours a day staring at a computer for five days every week really takes a toll on your body. Sitting at a desk keeps your body burning the minimum amount of calories it needs to function, your computer can give you eye strain and neck tension. Humans aren’t meant to stay stagnant so long, but in today’s computer-driven work setting, it is nearly impossible not to spend all day sitting. Take in the tips below to keep up a healthy lifestyle.

Stay Hydrated

You get this beaten into your head everywhere but that’s because it really does help you in many ways. Drinking between eight and 10 glasses a day will curb hunger and make you fuller longer, keep you perked up so there is no early afternoon sleepiness, and keeping your whole body running properly.

Get Out at Lunchtime

Walking around for half an hour on your lunch break meets the recommended minimum amount of exercise per day. Light exercise has more benefits than burning off some of your breakfast. Walking around gets your blood flowing better, sitting at a desk isn’t the best for circulation. It also works off daily stress and refreshes your brain so you a happier and more productive the rest of the day.

Prevent Eyestrain & Neck Tension

Eyestrain can cause headaches, difficulty focusing and increased sensitivity to light. To prevent eyestrain, keep your monitor about an arm’s length away; you should be able to comfortably read your screen without having to squint. If you can’t read your screen from an arm’s length away, simply increase the font size on your computer. Tension Neck Syndrome is caused by fixed, awkward positions for long periods. To prevent this, stretch your neck occasionally and use speakerphone or a shoulder cradle when on the phone.

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