Surviving Allergies During a Seasonal Transition

It’s almost time for the seasons to change! For those of you with allergies, the seasonal transition can either mean a reprieve from your usual allergies or a whole new set of challenges. If you find yourself suffering through a different allergy every season, Test Smartly Labs has some tips to keep you sane as we move out of summer and into the fall. 

Transitioning Seasonal Allergies

Allergies most often start right when everything is growing in the spring, but pollen and grass allergies can follow you into the summer. Some of you may even suffer from ragweed allergies in the fall. If you’re not sure if your allergies are seasonal, take an allergy test with Test Smartly Labs today! If you already know what’s causing your symptoms, here are a few things we recommend to survive allergy season as the months grow chilly.

Confirm Your Allergies are Actually Allergies

Allergy sufferers may roll their eyes at this tip, but it’s possible to confuse allergy symptoms with cold symptoms. Itchy eyes, headaches, and runny noses are common signs of both allergies and a cold. If your symptoms last more than two weeks, or if you notice that your symptoms get worse after you’re exposed to allergens, there’s a better chance that you’re suffering from allergies. Fever and body aches are more often signs of a cold, so an absence of those symptoms could also point to allergies.

Take Preventative Steps

A great way to avoid the effect of allergies is to avoid the things that trigger your attacks. It’s tempting to open the windows in the fall to let the crisp air roll in, but pollen and other allergens will definitely come into your house on a cool breeze. Clean frequently to keep any allergens from hanging around your home, and remove your clothes and shoes when you come indoors.

Try a Saline Rinse

Some allergy meds may make you feel groggy and out of it, but a saline rinse helps get rid of symptoms without the drugs. A neti pot or nasal spray will clear allergens from your system and a salt water gargle can help with a sore throat brought on by coughing or irritants. Try to incorporate a saline solution into your medical routine at least once a day during allergy season for a natural way to combat allergens.

Allergies don’t have to be the end of you this summer and fall. There are many medicines and home remedies available to keep you on your feet and moving, no matter what season. Test Smartly Labs provides accurate and reliable allergy testing so that you can determine exactly what is bothering you. Once you know the culprit, you will be better equipped to talk to your doctor about fighting back against your allergies!


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